The Maze of the Lost City at Sun City resembles a half-ruined Mayan stone maze and is a challenging experience and great fun for everyone
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Guest Book

Here are some guestbook extracts from May 2013 to January 2014 so you can see what fun people have in the Maze.  Just click on any link to see the actual guestbook pages.

Lost City Maze Guest Book - Oct 2013 to Jan 2014 (1.7mb PDF)
Lost City Maze Guest Book - July 2013 to Sept 2013 (1.5mb PDF)
Lost City Maze Guest Book - June 2013 (1.6mb PDF)
Lost City Maze Guest Book - May 2013 (2.7mb PDF)

And here are some of our earlier visitor comments:

Very pleasantly surprised at how entertaining the maze was. Staff were very friendly. Restaurant like an oasis in the desert. Beer tasting superb idea. A brewery tour would be the perfect finale.
Bryan, Bernadette, Jenna and Jason Anderson
Cape Town, South Africa

The maze is "amazing" - friendly people - nice finale and beer tasting
Ludo, Kate, Jasper and Max
Sydney, Australia

Super idea, very good beers
Chris and Bernd

Great concept, got lost, nice idea with the beers but Castle still rules.
Steve and Debra
South Africa

Vicky and Mary
Athens, Greece

What a fun maze, so different from any other maze I’ve tried.  A great job, maze people.
Gerald Streetham
Pretoria, South Africa

We found our way out after 2 days!! Beer tasting excellent, staff amazing!!
Texas, USA

My children and their friends had so much fun and went back every day.
Mrs Padayachee
Lenasia, South Africa

It's very nice. We like that. "Merci beaucuop" Thank you
Julie, Christian and Appoline
Reunion Island

The maze is stunning.  I really felt as though I was in ancient ruins.
Jerome Carter
Wisconsin, USA

We thought we’d try the maze but it took a while to get the kids off the suspension bridge.  Then they went through the maze about 8 times (while we enjoyed the excellent beer, I recommend the Blue Nun?)
James and Annie Tremont
Llanelli, Wales

Our teambuilding event was a real success and the Lost City Maze was a big part of it.
Pieter van Wyk
Johannesburg, South Africa

First we got lost, but finally we made it and it was worth all the struggle.
Oliver, Arel, Fenny, Bianca

Fantastic fun!
Ed Colligan
Illinois, USA

Pretoria, South Africa

I GOT LOST! But the beer and staff were worth it!
Nick Davidson and Liesel
JHB, South Africa